Records of AMIGA and LITERA

24 Jul 2014 by Admin
Fondly arranged and neatly registered in the index the colorful covers of the GDR-records of a record-bag laugh against us. But the diversity of the gaudily jackets deceive; each of them comes from the pressing plant "VEB Deutsche Schallplatten Berlin”, the single record company of the GDR.
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For children

„A generation divided. German children and the Berlin Wall“

3 Jul 2014 by Admin
A real interesting and also profound book I found this week in our library and I don’t want to deprive you of. It’s not a book, which would entertain you in a funny way, but it is a book, which will impress you.
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The P 605

22 May 2014 by Admin
The P 605  is a shapely and easy to service pendant lamp. It is made of lacquered aluminum and became one of the true classics of East German Design. Exactly 50 years ago, it came to the GDR market. A good reason to tell you more about it!
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In front of the lens of Gundula Schulze Eldowy

3 Apr 2014 by Admin
When one of the most important East German photographers, Gundula Schulze Endowy, looks through the lens of her camera, she looks contemporaneous not only in the life of her counterpart, but also seemingly in his soul. She sensitively shows the life in the GDR, how it was, unvarnished and beautiful at the same time, the life and the people in all its facets.
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Looking east: the photographer Sibylle Bergemann

6 Mar 2014 by Michael Geithner
Since the founding of the DDR, the state has exerted influence on its artists and cultural workers. One important photographer who felt the effects of this state control on several occasions was Sibylle Bergemann, who nevertheless managed to find her own artistic path, especially in the DDR, and to go beyond all boundaries. Her photographs tell stories, stories of people from East Berlin, from their everyday lives, deep and melancholic, genuine and sometimes critical, but always unadulterated and beautiful – the story of a city.
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“DDR in Color”

30 Jan 2014 by Admin
When I thought about photographs of the former GDR I often had the picture in mind, that these are black and white, or better: grey. This view is obviously a fallacy because of course you can find color photos of the GDR, too.  A book which calls this into my consciousness is the book “DDR in Color”, in 2013 published in the Berlin Story Verlag and edited by Klaus Morgenstern and the
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The Berlin Wall Trail (Berliner Mauerweg)

16 Jan 2014 by Admin
Once in a month we present you places, which deal with commemorating and remembering the GDR. These places were yet above all institutions like museums or memorials, which emphasize several themes of the GDR past. This time we want to present you a place of remembrance of a special kind: the Berlin Wall Trail.
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Simson KR 51/1 “Schwalbe” (“Swallow”)

17 Dec 2013 by Sören Marotz
Now he is finally here, our Simson KR (KleinRoller=small scooter) 51/1 “Schwalbe” (“Swallow”), Year 1979. Actually he is a “she”: the “Schwalbe” (“Swallow”), because nobody used the designation Simson KR 51/1. For a long time she stands with a structurally identical sister in our museum depot in order to make her way in the exhibition in the Christmas season.
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GDR History

The soldier's locker in the exhibition

13 Dec 2013
In this article, the academic director of the DDR Museum, Dr Stefan Wolle, recalls his time in the National People’s Army, particularly his sergeant major, whom he still thinks of when sorting through his books.
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Happy cooking!

Venison stew

12 Dec 2013 by Janine Henschel
This recipe is a specialty of Saxony. Above all in the southern part of the GDR there were a lot of forests and because of that there were lots of game meat.
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Step by step…

10 Sep 2010 by Admin
...we are getting closer to the opening of the new exhibition and restaurant space.
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My favorite Exhibit

26 May 2009 by Melanie Alperstaedt
I like the exhibition very much, because it is so entertaining and interactive. In each corner, you can do something: Sit down in a Trabi, open a closet or trying on some cloth.
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