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The dioramas are here

A few weeks ago, we reported here on the planned dioramas on the subject of "Hammer, circle, wreath of corn". Last week, the finished pieces could move into the showcases in the group area behind the museum cash register. by Admin (19 Mar 2018)

Hammer, circle, wreath of corn

The dioramas deal with the symbolism of the DDR's coat of arms. Each symbol represents a social class in the everyday life of the DDR. The hammer stands for the workers, the circle represents the working intelligence, and the wreath of corn is the symbol of farmers and peasants. The dioramas each represent a scene from these social classes of the DDR. The emblem was introduced in this form in 1953.

Made in Königs Wusterhausen

Model maker Holger Delfs and his colleagues had been building the dioramas for several weeks. This was preceded by accurate research, so that the miniature workshop was a real down to the last detail. Elsewhere, tractors and cars were recreated in miniature. The back walls were painted and create the necessary depth effect.

The DDR Museum uses dioramas for illustration in quite different topics. Thus, both wall stripes, nudist beach, the legendary concert by Bruce Springsteen or a coal mine are presented by models by Holger Delfs.

Come and have a look!

In the dioramas there are many small and loving details. Every time you look, you discover something new that inspires you. But come over, have a look! It is worth it.

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