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0-euro note: 30 Years German Unity

In September 2020, on occasion of the 30th anniversary of German Unity, the DDR Museum released the new 0-euro note. It is available in the museum shop. by Vanessa Jasmin Lemke (11 Oct 2020)

The 7th edition of the 0-euro note is limited to 10,000 pieces

The seventh, newly designed edition of the popular 0-euro souvenir note is now available. The collector's item designed by the DDR Museum was printed on security paper by the French securities printing company Oberthur, but it cannot be confused with actual money. The note can only be purchased from the machine in the shop of the DDR Museum for 2 euros. The seventh edition is limited to 10,000 notes. The preceding ones are already completely sold out due to the great demand.

Vorderseite Souvenirschein 30 Jahre Deutsche Einheit

New design on the occasion of German Reunification

The exclusive note is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of German Reunification on October 3, 2020 and shows, in addition to a crowd in front of the Brandenburg Gate, the words »Dem deutschen Volke« (To the German People) on the Reichstag building.

On the back of the 0-euro note, as with its predecessors, there are typical European landmarks such as the Paris Eiffel Tower or the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Rückseite Souvenirschein 30 Jahre Deutsche Einheit

The history of the 0-euro note

The DDR Museum was one of the first museums in Germany to have its own 0-euro note. The original idea came from the Frenchman Richard Faille. The aim was to develop a sustainable collector's item for the European culture and art sector that impresses with quality and fun. After the great success in France, the note was introduced by EuroScheinSouvenir GmbH in Germany in 2016. The notes have typical security features such as a watermark, a copper strip, a hologram and an individual serial number.

0-Euro-Souvenirscheine DDR Museum

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