Our researchers are interested in questions concerning the history of the GDR and topics of museological interest. The stories told by our permanent and temporary exhibitions are all drawn from our unique museum collection.

The DDR Museum has established itself as a pioneer in innovative exhibition technologies and solutions. Other institutions can profit from our expertise: We can conduct commissioned research or design exhibitions for your needs.

We look forward to receiving your call or e-mail with a callback number.

Sören Marotz

Head of Exhibition

T: +49 30 847 123 7-36
F: +49 30 847 123 7-39

Contact Collection

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F: +49 30 847 123 7-39


The collection of the DDR Museum comprises some 300,000 objects. We are happy to assemble new exhibitions focusing on a range of topics. You can also arrange the loan of a number of artefacts.

Museum consultation

The experts at the DDR Museum are happy to provide advice and support on a range of questions relating to museum work and exhibitions.


The DDR Museum maintains a range of collaborative projects with other institutions to train young museologists in their craft.