A Hands-on Experience of history

Journey back to the DDR

Experience a lively and interactive exhibition based on sound academic research. The permanent exhibition of the DDR Museum introduces its visitors to the history of life in the socialist DDR. Visitors are invited to extend their knowledge through direct engagement with historical sources, objects and images. We do not hide all of our exhibits behind glass but instead encourage our visitors to touch, hold and interact with a range of objects and installations.

The highlights of the exhibition include a simulated drive in an original Trabant P601 car, a fully furnished reconstruction of a high-rise tower block flat with hundreds of original objects to discover, countless interactive games suitable for young and old alike, the monumental fresco »In Praise of Communism« and the opportunity to interact with a range of artefacts. Visitors of all ages will gain a deeper understanding of the history in an educative and entertaining way.

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The largest DDR exhibition in Berlin

East German citizens were cut off from the outside world by a wall and barbed wire; the Ministry for State Security exercised blanket surveillance. What was everyday life like in the DDR? Our exhibition answers this question with 47 topic areas spread out over an exhibition space of over 1000 m². The DDR Museum is the largest, most interactive and diverse exhibition focusing on the DDR in Berlin .

The exhibition is divided into three themed areas: »Public Life«, »State and Ideology« and »Life in a Tower Block«. Enter a fully furnished DDR flat and interact with an exhibition which takes a look behind the apparent idyll.


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Temporary exhibition

palace of the republic

30 years after its closure on September 19, 1990, the DDR Museum portrays the history of the Palace of the Republic and its location in a small special exhibition until 18 April 2022 in the foyer of the museum. Admission to the special exhibition is free.

»No place in Berlin has experienced such radical changes and re-evaluations in the past few decades as the area on which the Palace of the Republic once stood. The building, which opened in 1976, was intended to represent the DDR instead of the Hohenzollern castle that was blown up in 1950. The Palace with the people's chamber was the centre of state power, but at the same time also a palace of the people, « says Sören Marotz, who curated the exhibition together with Dr. Stefan Wolle.

The small special exhibition gives an insight into important events of the much-discussed location from the demolition of the Berlin City Palace in 1950, the use and importance of the Palace of the Republic to the planned opening of the Humboldt Forum in the Berlin City Palace.

Everyday life – The Wall – The Stasi: all under one roof

The range of topics covered by the exhibition of the DDR Museum makes it the perfect introduction to a complex topic. Visitors leave our exhibition enthused and informed, learning not just through the objects with which they come into contact, but profiting from our unique multi-sensory hands-on experience and interaction with a range of  exhibits.


Our visitors do not just read - they see, touch and hear. Engaging all their senses, they hear propaganda, read original texts and laugh at jokes. Come and see for yourself and find out what you have always wanted to know!

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A prize-winning Exhibition

The innovative design of the DDR Museum has earned it two nominations for the prestigious »European Museum of the Year« award. A survey of international visitors conducted by the German National Tourist Board established that we were the most popular museum amongst foreign tourists. But don’t just take our word for it – come and see for yourself!

All the texts and diagrams in the exhibition are provided in German and English. The design of the exhibition ensures that visitors do not need any prior knowledge and can enjoy a first-class introduction to an exciting aspect of German and European history. The DDR Museum is living proof that history need not be boring.

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A family-friendly museum

The DDR Museum is accessible to all members of the family, bringing different generations together in a shared experience. The many opportunities for playful interaction, ensuring that children and teenagers enjoy what remains a highly educational experience.

A range of child-friendly interactive exhibits such as our Trabi simulator and our Kindergarten installation bring children into the world which they would have inhabited had they grown up in East Germany.

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