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We present: The online shop of the DDR Museum

26 May 2020 by Nic Mattick
In the online shop of the DDR Museum, products, developed specifically for the Berlin Museum such as card games, books and everyday products inspired by DDR design, can be purchased under the three categories »DDR Museum«, »DDR Nostalgia« and East Package »Ostpaket«.
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Karl Marx made of ceramics and Curry-flavoured peanuts: New products in the museum shop

18 May 2017 by Maria Bartholomäus
Whether you are looking for a gift, a souvenir or a little something for yourself – the museum shop of the DDR Museum holds a wide variety of products related to the DDR. In the following text we would like to introduce to you some of the special highlights.
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The Berlin Wall 1961-1989

8 May 2014 by Admin
The book „The Berlin Wall 1961-1989“, published by Berlin Story Vertag, is a very interesting report about the construction of the Wall and it`s consequences.
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Educational Program

Crumpled City – the „DDR Museum edition“ is now available!

13 Aug 2012 by Melanie Alperstaedt
„Crumpled City" ... never heard of it? I didn't know about the conception either until a few days ago. Now, that this incomparable city map lies on my desk, I am completely excited. It is a city map of Berlin which isn't printed on traditional paper, but on a sort of "paper foil". This foil has specific characteristics - and one of the most important features is that you can crumple it without quality loss!
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DDR Museum

The New Website is Complete: Let`s Talk About Our new Online Shop

24 Aug 2009 by Melanie Alperstaedt
We are proud to present the new online Shop at our website. It is the result of hard work!
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