We preserve DDR history

The core task of our museum is the collection and curation of historical and cultural artefacts from the former DDR. So far, we have collected over 300,000 objects and are acquiring more every day. We maintain a huge warehouse to store our artefacts, all of which are being catalogued by a team of dedicated experts. Our catalogue is available online.

Is is possible to loan our objects for exhibitions.



Contact Collection

T: +49 30 - 847 123 7 - 35
F: +49 30 - 847 123 7 - 39


The permanent exhibition tells the history of the DDR using numerous original artefacts and other objects.

Your objects in our collection

Owners of interesting objects from the DDR can donate their possessions to our collection. We are constantly looking for new objects.

Object Database

Browse our online database with its thousands of photographs of objects from the DDR.

Motorbike Exhibition

The motorbike-exhibition of the DDR Museum is exhibiting more than 130 GDR motorbikes on 800 square metres.