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Interview »10 questions to...« Maximilian Schönbeck, apprentice at DDR Museum

Maximilian has been part of the team at DDR Museum since January. He undergoes a two and a half year apprenticeship in the field of leisure and tourism with the focus on visitors relations. We asked Max a few questions. by Nic Mattick (20 Jun 2019)


Max ist part of the team at DDR Museum since January and undergoes a two and a half year dual apprenticeship in the area of leisure and tourism at the private professional school for tourism on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin. Four times the week, Max enriches the office with his open and attentive personality. During his apprenticeship, his focus lies on the visitor relations department. In order to get a greater insight into the processes of a cultural organisation such as the DDR Museum, he is going to go through all departments. Max is especially looking forward to learning about social media, sales, public relations as well as the management.

We asked Max ten questions:


What do you do as an apprentice in the DDR Museum?

As an apprentice in the field of leisure and tourism, I have a strong focus on the visitor relations management department where the focus lies in customer liaison and support as well as coordinating groups of visitors. The collaboration with travel agencies and writing invoices are also part of my work at the DDR Museum. Also, I pass through other departments such as social media and online marketing, public relations, sales, and the management to get an understanding of all the processes in a cultural organisation such as the DDR Museum.


What do you like the most about your job?

I really value the variety of the tasks at my job at the DDR Museum and really like my colleagues. 


Bicycle, car or public transport – how do you get to work?

All of them. I take either the bike or the car to get to the train station and then continue on the train. 


How do you spend your lunch break?

In my lunch break, I like to check the news while I'm eating. If the weather is good, I go and sit outside.


What do you do beyond your studies and work?

I do have a large interest in the Roman Empire as well as the Middle Ages. I find it thrilling to visit historical places of those times.


Do you have a personal connection to the DDR?

My parents were born in the DDR and they have told me many stories about their experiences. Furthermore, I like to watch DDR-programmes on television and am highly interested in the history of that time.


Windows or Apple?

When it comes to software and hardware I do prefer Windows. Mainly because it is easier to upgrade and to adjust the system according to one's individual needs.


How do you keep yourself fit?

I like to cycle, I do not shy away from walking and tend to use the stairs rather than the elevator. 


Which book have you read last?

At the moment I read mainly specialised books for the apprenticeship. Rather than reading books, I like to do other things after working and studying, such as learning about history, playing football or look after and maintain my car. 


If you could take one object from the DDR Museum which one would that be?

I am really interested in the HO Modellbahn „BR 41 Reko“. As a child, I really loved to play with my model railway and built and rebuilt the world around them together with my dad. I always wanted to get a train like that.



Thank you Max for the interview. Great to have you! 

Max's favourite object in our online database:

H0 Modellbahn "BR 41 Reko"

in der Objektdatenbank

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