#MuseumWeek: A Week for Museums on Twitter

For seven days, thousands of cultural institutions around the world shared impressions from their daily life. During this week, the DDR Museum reached more than 3.1 million people with its tweets (translated by Elizabeth Moye). by Admin (8 May 2018)

DDR Museum with the greatest reach in Germany

For the fifth time, the DDR Museum participated in the international #MuseumWeek and, like last year, reached the largest audience of any participating museum in Germany. The DDR Museum’s Twitter account reached 3.1 million people with 261 posts over the course of the #MuseumWeek.

For seven days, from April 23 to April 29, 2018, museums all around the world tweeted with the hashtag #MuseumWeek and with another hashtag that changed daily. They shared exciting content on the topics of women, children, cultural heritage, nature, cities, professions and diversity. Museums from 92 countries took part in the #MuseumWeek, which happened for the fifth time. Among the participating museums were big names like the Musée du Louvre in Paris, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

In Germany, the most influential players besides the DDR Museum were the Posterstein Castle in Thuringia, the Museum for Communication Frankfurt, the Städel Museum, and the Egyptian Museum in Munich.


Treasures from the collection

For the DDR Museum, #MuseumWeek is a chance to show treasures from the collection that we cannot currently show in the exhibition and, thereby, tell their exciting stories. Blog articles about the various themes and questions for the community encouraged the Twitter world to get involved.

These two Tweets reached the largest audience:

In English: The first Club Cola was filled up in Berlin in 1967. Its recipe was changed shortly after Reunification, but the drink still enjoys great popularity.

In English: According to a statistic from 1986, 91.3% of women in the DDR were employed, compared to only about 50% of the women in West Germany. Lots of kindergarten spaces were of course needed for the children in the DDR!

The most popular post was one about the TV Tower with the hashtag:


It was liked by Twitter users 102 times and retweeted 26 times.

In English: The TV Tower has shaped the Berlin skyline since 1969. To the present, the tower is the tallest building in Germany. Were you ever at the top of the tower?

A special event for the team of the DDR Museum

The #MuseumWeek is a special event for us at the DDR Museum every year because colleagues from all parts of the team can take turns posting interesting content on the Twitter page and let loose their creative energy.

Now, we would like to present some highlights for the various hashtags and pass the #MuseumWeek in review.

The theme of the first day of #MuseumWeek was 


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