Greetings from Malmö, Sweden

15 Oct 2014 by Admin
In our category “Guests from all over the world” we want to share with you how international the audience of the DDR Museum is. From all four cardinal directions the visitors come to Berlin and to the DDR Museum. Many of them leave a greeting in our guestbook. Some of them we want to present you here and above all on our Visitor’s Book pin board at Pinterest. Maybe your greeting is soon present there?
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„Behind the Wall. ‚Perfectly Normal Lives‘ in the GDR?“

8 Oct 2014 by Admin
25 years after the Peaceful Revolution and the Fall of the Berlin Wall there are still discussions about the GDR, about the life there, about the feelings the people had of this state. Often there is a difference between those who say the GDR was an illegitimate state and those who think, not everything was badly in the GDR. It isn’t always easy to understand how can arise two so different opinions about same different state.
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„The Decision“ – a series of events

2 Oct 2014 by Admin
The 9th of November is this year talked of. No surprise, because the Fall of the Wall celebrates this year its silver jubilee.
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Movie evening presented by “The EXBerliner”

25 Sep 2014 by Admin
We present here often book tips or other tips and hints for foreign language people who are interested in the GDR history. You can find in the English blog museums, internet platforms, films or books and today I want to present you something for really spontaneous persons.
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The asylum of Tamara in paradise – the rock group Silly

18 Sep 2014 by Sören Marotz
Ok, Silly had ever since the middle of the 1980ies arrived in the upper league of the GDR rock music with the Amiga album “Bataillon d’Amour” (1986), but there they weren’t the only ones. Unique though was their sound, which differentiated for the first time from the mainstream in the GDR. The drawers were too small for them. At least since Werner Karma assumed the overall control, the writing, it was clear, that here wouldn’t sung about dying swans, but rather the trouble’s brewing of dying cities, how he framed it.
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The game „Twilight Struggle“

4 Sep 2014 by Michael Geithner
The Cold War functioned yet as a model for numerous games, which addressed the struggle of East and West and the danger in the form of the atomic bomb. Because of that we present two games with the same title, one of them you can find in the DDR Museum.
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„My DDR T-Shirt“

28 Aug 2014 by Admin
In 2005 Ian Hawkins was in Berlin to visit the city. The Karl-Marx-Allee impressed him that much, that he bought a DDR T-Shirt. After that he had heavy pangs of conscience about wearing a T-Shirt with the insignias of the dictatorship GDR. These thoughts caused Ian to his project “The DDR T-Shirt”.
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„Swords to Ploughshares“

21 Aug 2014 by Admin
When sixtynine years ago the pain of the humanity under the Second World War had an end, in Germany, whose Nazi rulers had caused the catastrophe, the people spoke from the year 1945 as the “Zero Hour”. Thus, as if you could begin to furnish the bombed out flat in the house Europe now from scratch, totally new and totally amicably as a refuge of peace. Just no look back.
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„Born in the GDR. Living in the shadow of the Wall”

8 Aug 2014 by Admin
In October 2014 a book will be published, which seems to be really interesting for those, who are interested in the GDR and the life there. Hester Vaizey tells in her book, „Born in the GDR. Living in the shadow of the Wall”, the true stories of eight people.
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The Deutsche Welle: History in 30 languages

31 Jul 2014 by Admin
The public foreign country radio of Germany is the Deutsche Welle (DW). Besides the audios, which are broadcasted in different languages, the Deutsche Welle has a huge online offer in 30 languages. You can find on the homepage news and a lot of information around Germany. And besides that, you can find a widespread proposal regarding the German history.
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Records of AMIGA and LITERA

24 Jul 2014 by Admin
Fondly arranged and neatly registered in the index the colorful covers of the GDR-records of a record-bag laugh against us. But the diversity of the gaudily jackets deceive; each of them comes from the pressing plant "VEB Deutsche Schallplatten Berlin”, the single record company of the GDR.
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The DDR Museum celebrats its birthday and opens its new online ticketshop

17 Jul 2014 by Melanie Alperstaedt
Last Monday 8 years ago the DDR Museum was opened ceremoniously. Invited guests, a huge number of journalists, the team itself and all of the other participants celebrated deep into the night the realization of a vision: An unique interactive exhibition, which captures the life in the GDR and conveys it playfully.
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BBC History: The Berlin Wall

10 Jul 2014 by Admin
From time to time I begin to search for some hints we could give our foreign-language fans. I search for information about the GDR in general, the Berlin Wall or about some specific topics like the year 1989 or so. Today I want to present you a homepage of the BBC which deals especially with the Berlin Wall.
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For children

„A generation divided. German children and the Berlin Wall“

3 Jul 2014 by Admin
A real interesting and also profound book I found this week in our library and I don’t want to deprive you of. It’s not a book, which would entertain you in a funny way, but it is a book, which will impress you.
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New category

Our Guestbook

26 Jun 2014 by Admin
In our new category “Guests from all over the world” we want to share with you, how international the audience of the DDR Museum is. The visitors come from all directions to Berlin and in the DDR Museum. A lot of them leave a greeting in our Visitors' Book. Some of these greetings, we want to present to you here and above all on our Visitors' Book on Pinterest. Maybe your greeting is there soon?
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Tip – the year 1989 in East Europe

19 Jun 2014 by Admin
lIn our blog we try to give hints for foreign-language people which are interested in GDR history. We presented books or translate some of our blog articles into English. A new category we want to open for you is a hint to websites, institutions or museums which deal with the GDR in English or another foreign language.
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“Faust’s Metropolis. A history of Berlin”

12 Jun 2014 by Admin
After a lot of presented books here, it is really difficult to find another one in our library which is recommendable for foreign-language people. We have a lot of books, but unfortunately not so much in English. For the presentation today my colleague Melanie found still one. It is not only a book about the GDR; it is a history of Berlin.
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GDR-media Changing

5 Jun 2014 by Melanie Alperstaedt
In the last months we supported a project of students, which I want to present you. Students of media technology of the “Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur” in Leipzig created the Homepage The DDR Museum was on hand with help and advice for the students in different sections.
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Federicas Favorite Exhibit from our Exhibition

28 May 2014 by Admin
Since some weeks, I am doing an internship at the DDR Museum. I studied Communication and Media Science, especially Social Media Marketing. That was the reason why I wrote my thesis about the importance of Social Media Marketing for museums.
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The P 605

22 May 2014 by Admin
The P 605  is a shapely and easy to service pendant lamp. It is made of lacquered aluminum and became one of the true classics of East German Design. Exactly 50 years ago, it came to the GDR market. A good reason to tell you more about it!
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