Educational Program

Our Karl-Marx-Allee Tour

6 Jul 2016 by Esra Kurtoglu
Today we would like to introduce to you one of our tours, which of course is also suitable for school groups. The Karl-Marx-Allee Tour is a combined tour, meaning that it will start with a one-hour visit of the DDR Museum, followed by a two-hour walk along the Alexanderplatz as well as the socialist boulevard.
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The DDR Museum has started a cooperation with the HTW Berlin

9 Mar 2016 by Maria Bartholomäus
The DDR Museum has a new cooperation partner: We are happy to announce that we will be realizing projects along with the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin, which is a great opportunity to contribute to the connection between cultural institutions and educational establishments in Berlin!
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Education program

GDR Guide – the exhibition catalogue of the DDR Museum

30 Sep 2015 by Janine Henschel
The GDR Guide offers a glimpse into the life of a bygone state along 160 pages. 42 chapters, more than 200 photographs and comprehensive information material depict everyday life in the GDR in a colorful and detailed way.
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Guided Tour

The Berlin Wall Tour

13 May 2015 by Janine Henschel
Of course: In the museum you can participate in numerous guided tours through the exhibition. But, did you know, that we offer combined tours and thematic city tours, too? During the 2 hour guided tour “The Berlin Wall” you proceed to the traces of the death strip between East and West Berlin from the Bornholmer Straße to the Bernauer Straße.
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Educational Program

The students quiz of the DDR Museum

15 Apr 2015 by Janine Henschel
Do you actually know our quiz for students? Whether during a group visit as additional task or complementary after a guided tour – the questionnaire is the ideal companion for visiting the exhibition with your students.
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Educational Program

“The GDR State Security. Shield and Sword of the Party” – an interesting brochure

11 Mar 2015 by Admin
If you are interested in the GDR history, you cannot avoid the topic State Security (Stasi). It is really important to understand the life of the people in the GDR, to understand why a lot of them escaped out of the state and it is important to understand how the dictatorship worked.
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For children

„A generation divided. German children and the Berlin Wall“

3 Jul 2014 by Admin
A real interesting and also profound book I found this week in our library and I don’t want to deprive you of. It’s not a book, which would entertain you in a funny way, but it is a book, which will impress you.
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Educational Program

The GDR guide – it can be used as a schoolbook!

22 Jan 2013 by Admin
Again and again, we are pleased about the feedback from teachers and pupils, lecturers and students regarding their visit to the DDR Museum. Whether it's a compliment or critisicm, questions or suggestions, suggested improvement... Or just a "thank you" for providing the people, who want to equip others with knowledge, a medium with a sometimes playful nature that facilitates giving even students unwilling to learn an understanding of the topic.
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