East German Rock and Pop in the 1970s and 1980s

23 Oct 2014 by Admin
From time to time I give you here some hints where you can inform yourself about the GDR history in English or other foreign languages. I always try to find different offers for foreign language people and so I presented already websites, museums or events regarding the GDR. Today I searched about the topic music in the GDR and I found a really interesting online platform.
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The asylum of Tamara in paradise – the rock group Silly

18 Sep 2014 by Sören Marotz
Ok, Silly had ever since the middle of the 1980ies arrived in the upper league of the GDR rock music with the Amiga album “Bataillon d’Amour” (1986), but there they weren’t the only ones. Unique though was their sound, which differentiated for the first time from the mainstream in the GDR. The drawers were too small for them. At least since Werner Karma assumed the overall control, the writing, it was clear, that here wouldn’t sung about dying swans, but rather the trouble’s brewing of dying cities, how he framed it.
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Records of AMIGA and LITERA

24 Jul 2014 by Admin
Fondly arranged and neatly registered in the index the colorful covers of the GDR-records of a record-bag laugh against us. But the diversity of the gaudily jackets deceive; each of them comes from the pressing plant "VEB Deutsche Schallplatten Berlin”, the single record company of the GDR.
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The Blues Mass was a success!

21 Jul 2009 by Melanie Alperstaedt
Hollys Blues Band played an amazing concert, Dirk Moldt and Bernd Schröder commemorated old times and the rapper Prinz Pi enthused hundrets of young people!
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