The Thirst Quencher for work at high temperatures: Contratherm – Heat Drink

20 Apr 2016 by Maria Bartholomäus
The collection of the DDR Museum is documenting everyday life in the GDR and therefore consists of different objects belonging to all sorts of topics. Every day, our colleagues at the collection department are dealing with objects and their interesting stories and sometimes unusual original purposes. One of them is the sealed glass bottle “Contratherm - Heat Drink”, containing a bright pink liquid. Get to know the interesting background story in the following text!
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"East German Design 1949-1989"

22 Oct 2013 by Admin
In the supermarkets in Germany today you can find some products which look a little bit “retro”, a little bit out of another time. Maybe you’ve seen the Club Cola, the Vita Cola or the Kathi cake mix. These are products which were produced in the former GDR and which were by 1991 returning to the shop shelfs in Germany.
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