Places of the GDR

Berlin State Opera Staatsoper Unter den Linden

1 Sep 2020 by Maximilian Schönbeck
Built in 1742, the Staatsoper Unter den Linden enjoys great popularity today and is one of the world's leading opera ensembles. But what exactly makes the opera so special and what role did it play in the GDR?
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A Trip to the DDR - "The Journey of my Life"

Chapter 8: Visiting Schwedt and Berlin

7 Nov 2017 by Michael Geithner
14-year-old ethiopian Shimelis visited the DDR in 1987 - the only other country he has ever seen. For a few months he enjoyed the massive cultural clash in the Pioneer Republic "Wilhelm Pieck", where he spent most of his days. But after some time Shimelis and the other delegations got the opportunity to visit Schwedt and East Berlin.
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Berlin - the Socialist city

10 May 2017 by Praktikant
After the Second World War, more than 30% of the housing stock, 85% of classrooms and 80% of hospital rooms in Berlin were destroyed. What was to rise up from the ruins of the capital? The Socialist Unity Party (SED) saw a chance to include the rebirth of the city into the newly founded German Democratic Republic.
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Relics from the DDR

Part II: The Soho House Berlin or the long forgotten „House of Unity“

25 Nov 2015 by Elke Sieber
On the corner of Prenzlauer Alle and Tor-/ Mollstraße stands a pompous building, which today is considered a popular place of shelter in the capital for international actors such as Brad Pitt or George Clooney. The Soho House Berlin is an exclusive club with combined living and work spaces for artists, journalists, directors and managers from the media sector.
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The Berlin TV Tower

14 Oct 2015 by Maria Bartholomäus
On October 3rd in 1969, the Berlin TV Tower was ceremonially inaugurated in Berlin Mitte at the Alexanderplatz in the presence of Walter Ulbricht and other high-rank politicians of the SED party. At the same time the television broadcaster Deutscher Fernsehfunk started its emission and the era of color television in the GDR had begun. Prior to the construction there were constant internal discussions about the exact place and appearance of the tower. After agreement, the then-president of the Deutsche Bauakademie (German Construction Academy) Gerhard Kosel was instructed by the SED leadership with the overall instruction of the project.
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7 Nov 2014 by Admin
The Fall of the Berlin Wall is in these days on everyone’s lips. Everywhere you can watch films about it, see photos and join different events regarding the jubilee. You cannot avoid the topic in this week. I searched because of that in our library and found a DVD which looked really interesting. It is called “Mauerflug” and you can watch it in English, Italian, French, Spanish and German, so really interesting for foreign-language people.
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“Faust’s Metropolis. A history of Berlin”

12 Jun 2014 by Admin
After a lot of presented books here, it is really difficult to find another one in our library which is recommendable for foreign-language people. We have a lot of books, but unfortunately not so much in English. For the presentation today my colleague Melanie found still one. It is not only a book about the GDR; it is a history of Berlin.
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„The Berlin Wall. Division of a City”

8 Oct 2013 by Admin
In his book "The Berlin Wall. Division of a City" Thomas Flemming pays attention to the history of the Wall through Berlin. In eight chapters he describes the life of the people in East and West Berlin with the Wall, he explains from escape operations, protests against the Wall and last but not least from the Fall of the Wall and from the things which were left over of this sign of the SED dictatorship.
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Since yesterday, Berlin has a new place of remembrance: The "Platz des 9. November 1989"

10 Nov 2010 by Melanie Alperstaedt
Yesterday was the 21st jubilee of the fall of the Wall in 1989. Im my opinion, it was high time for a special place in Berlin, which has a name like "Platz des 9. November 1989". This day was so important for so many people in Germany and it changed so many lives!
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