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Museum news | October 26th, 2016

A museum has five main tasks: Teaching/communicating, Exhibiting, Researching, Collecting and Preserving. At the DDR Museum, the last two tasks are taken care of by the collection department. Collecting therefore also means to reasonably enlarge the inventory and to add new objects to the museum's collection. The following blog text will tell you more about how this exactly works.

Collecting with a system: How do objects get into a museum's collection? - Bild1

Museum news | October 12th, 2016
The DDR Museum is number 36 among the most popular sights in Germany - Bild1

Every year, the DTZ (German National Tourist Board) is asking international visitors to name their favourite places in Germany. In 2016, the 40,000 participants of the survey voted the DDR Museum on number 36. We would like to thank everyone who gave us their voice for this great ranking!

Museum news | August 31st, 2016

Last Saturday, the DDR Museum opened its doors until the small hours: Our institution was one of the 77 museums in Berlin which took part in the 36th Long Night of the Museums and greeted a total of 28.000 guests – 5400 of which visited our museum. Just like the many years before, we offered quite a diverse framework program and the special atmosphere of the late summer night made the event quite memorable!

Long Night of the Museums 2016 at the DDR Museum - Bild 1

Museum news | August 3rd, 2016

Not everyone in Berlin still knows what a "Niethose" or a "Rennpappe" is. As of now you will see these and other terms from GDR times rolling along the S-Bahn tracks – for there is an S-Bahn driving around designed in the DDR Museum look!

With a DDR Museum-Outfit across Berlin - Bild1

Museum news | July 27th, 2016

A new attraction can be found at the DDR Museum since a couple of weeks:  The Pokémon Go hype has arrived at our exhibition! Both visitors as well as staff members are having a lot of fun chasing the colorful little monsters which are hiding on our exhibition premises, in the office or around the DDR Museum itself.

Pokémon Go at the DDR Museum - Bild1

Museum news | July 20th, 2016

Last Thursday, the 14th of July in 2016, the DDR Museum celebrated its 10th birthday. Many friends, partners and of course all staff members reveled the special event at the river front and lifted their glasses to the successes of the past and the exciting projects for the future of our institution.

10 years of a hands-on experience of history – the DDR Museum celebrated its 10th birthday on July 14th, 2016 - Bild1

Museum news | July 13th, 2016

The coming week at the DDR Museum will be all about its 10-year existence. The institution is celebrating its 10th birthday and will look back at its turbulent and exciting history. In this blog we are going to review some special highlights!

10 years of a hands-on experience of history – birthday week at the DDR Museum! - Bild1

Museum news | July 13th, 2016

Last week we were visited by Mr. Sullivan, an artist from Great Britain who is currently doing research for his current art project. He was especially interested in the social cohesion and social commitment in the GDR as well as the changes which followed the Wende concerning relationships within the society. During a conversation at our visitor center with our scientific trainee Elke Sieber and me, Maria Bartholomäus, scientific trainee at the collection department, we were able to offer our guest some deeper insight into this interesting topic.

A question from a British artist: How did social cohesion look like in the GDR? - Bild 1

Museum news | June 15th, 2016

The collection department of the DDR Museum now owns a modern set for photographing big objects.

Big objects in front of the lens - Bild 1

Museum news | June 1st, 2016

To design an exhibition in a museum is a highly complex process. Many different staff members are involved – the maintenance man, colleagues who are working at the cashier's desk, as well as the curators. The DDR Museum is currently working on a new part of its permanent exhibition – find out more about it here. In the following text I would like to give you a little insight into what it takes to plan a new exhibition!

Not only work for the curators: How do I plan an exhibition? - Bild1

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