Shopping in the DDR: Konsum

30 Nov 2016 by Jörn Kleinhardt
In order to satisfy their daily consumer needs, the citizens of the DDR / Soviet occupation zone had a number of possibilities to do their shopping. Already in December of 1945, a consumer cooperative with the simple name of “Konsum” was established. Only three years later, almost 300 independent consumer cooperatives existed in different cities.
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Relics from the DDR

Part XIII: DDR products

16 Nov 2016 by Elke Sieber
The border between the two German states did not only divide the people into East and West, but also the product world. Some of the articles which were developed in the DDR have survived the transformation after 1989 and have their fixed place in today's supermarkets in western and eastern parts of Germany.
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"East German Design 1949-1989"

22 Oct 2013 by Admin
In the supermarkets in Germany today you can find some products which look a little bit “retro”, a little bit out of another time. Maybe you’ve seen the Club Cola, the Vita Cola or the Kathi cake mix. These are products which were produced in the former GDR and which were by 1991 returning to the shop shelfs in Germany.
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