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Pictorial: »GDR in Objects 1949-1990. Leisure, Culture, Travel«

With the second volume of the trilogy »GDR in Objects 1949-1990«, the DDR Museum gives a unique insight into the world's largest museum DDR collection. by Vanessa Jasmin Lemke (29 Sep 2020)

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the German Reunification, the DDR Museum publishes »GDR in Objects 1949-1990. Leisure, Culture, Travel«, the second of a total of three volumes. Over 1,100 objects on the subjects of leisure, culture and travel are presented, scientifically processed and historically classified on 400 pages. All artifacts come from the world's largest museum DDR collection.

The German and English-language standard work is available exclusively and in a limited edition in the museum shop and in the online shop of the DDR Museum for 100 euros.

The pictorials »GDR in Objects 1949-1990« provide insights into the collections of the DDR Museum that are not open to the public.

The objects from forty years of the DDR are accompanied by texts by the contemporary witness and scientific director of the museum, Dr. Stefan Wolle, as well as the business author Quirin Graf Adelmann v.A. In an entertaining and informative way, they tell about everyday life as well as the economic and product history of this past state and highlight the historical significance of the artifacts.

A total of 35 objects are highlighted on a separate double page due to their special significance and their exciting history. These include, for example, the record »Weihnachten in Familie« from the VEB Deutsche Schallplatten Berlin, the comic book »Mosaik« from the Verlag Junge Welt Berlin, a garden gnome made in the VEB Terrakotta Gräfenroda, the camping tent »Minipack I« from the VEB Kunststoff- und Textilververarbeitungwerk Pouch or Friedrich Hagen's book Buch »Baden ohne«, published by the VEB Tourist Verlag Berlin/Leipzig.


The series »GDR in Objects 1949-1990« is suitable for those who want to get to know the past state from a new perspective as well as for people who want to expand their knowledge . A glossary with technical terms as well as an index on all named product manufacturers facilitate an overview of the complex history.

The first volume on the topics of daily life, home and consumption was published in July 2020 and can be purchased in the museum shop on site or in the online shop. The third and last one on work, economy and politics will follow in spring 2021.

Beispielseite Weihnachten

The Facts

  • Product: second volume of the trilogy »GDR in Objects 1949-1990« with German and English texts
  • Titele: »DDR in Objekten 1949-1990. Freizeit, Kultur, Reisen« / »GDR in Objects 1949-1990. Leisure, Culture, Travel«
  • Publisher: DDR Museum: Quirin Graf Adelmann v.A., Gordon Freiherr von Godin
  • Publishing house: DDR Museum Verlag GmbH
  • Authors: Quirin Graf Adelmann v.A., Dr. Stefan Wolle
  • Release date and availability: Oktober 1, 2020 in the shop and in the online shop of the DDR Museum
  • ISBN-Number: 978-3-939801-48-1
  • Objects: 1.100+
  • Pages: 400 pages
  • Price: 100 euros
  • Edition: 1., limited edition
  • Other volumes of the series: »DDR in Objekten 1949-1990. Alltag, Heim, Konsum«/»GDR in Objects 1949-1990. Daily Life, Home, Consumption«, »DDR in Objekten 1949-1990. Arbeit, Wirtschaft, Politik«/»GDR in Objects 1949-1990. Work, Economy, Politics« (spring 2021)

Insights into our collection

With the #unboxingDDR series, we regularly present objects in short explanatory videos on YouTube. This also includes objects from the illustrated books, such as the »Chess Master« chess computer, the »Beroquick KB 135« camera, the »Komet RG 5« hand mixer or the »Stern Sport« radio.

All objects from the books are also made available online. Here you can access the online object database. Simply add the inventory numbers, which you can find above the respective image descriptions in »GDR in Objects 1949-1990«, into the search bar to discover even more. More than 12,000 objects from our collection are available online with pictures and further descriptions.

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Beispielseite Bücher
Beispielseite Kameras

special object: Turbo 42 G hover lawn mower (around 1985), VEB Turbowerke Meißen

Trainingsanzug Olympiamannschaft der DDR

special object: tracksuit for the DDR Olympic team (1976), Porolastic-Werke Büsing & Co. Reutlingen

Bücher Jugendweihe

special objects: books on the youth consecration (1974/1977/1985), Verlag Neues Leben Berlin 

Buch Erik Neutsch: Spur der Steine

special object: book by Erik Neutsch: Trace of Stones (21. edition 1977), Mitteldeutscher Verlag Halle (Saale)

Gastmahl des Meeres

special objects: menu / plate feast of the sea (1969/ around 1975) Volkseigene Gaststätten- und Hotelorganisation (HO) Berlin/VEB Porzellanwerk Colditz

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