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Pictorial: »DDR in Objects 1949-1990. Daily Life, Home, Consumption«

With the first volume of the trilogy »GDR in Objects 1949-1990« the DDR Museum gives a unique insight into the world's largest museum DDR collection. by Vanessa Jasmin Lemke (16 Jul 2020)

30 years after the reunification, the DDR Museum publishes the first of three illustrated books »GDR in Objects 1949-1990«. Scientifically edited and historically classified, over 1,200 objects on the subjects of daily life, home and consumption from the museum's own and worldwide largest museum DDR collection are presented on 400 pages.

The standard work is published in a limited edition with 4,000 copies. The German and English language book is available exclusively in the museum shop and in the online shop of the DDR Museum for 100 euros.

Aufgeschlagene Seite des DDR-Bildbands, Darstellung des roten Sitz-Ei

The exclusive volume invites you on a »material journey« through the »sacred collection halls« of the DDR Museum, which are not open to the public.

This extensive selection of object treasures from four decades of the GDR is supplemented by texts by the contemporary witness and scientific director of the DDR Museum, Dr. Stefan Wolle, and the business author Quirin Graf Adelmann v.A. The entertaining and informative insights into everyday life as well as the economic and product history of this bygone state give the artefacts a stage that they deserve due to their historical importance.

A total of 34 objects are highlighted on their own double page due to their special meaning and their exciting history. These include, for example, the tempo dishes from VEB Lebensmittelwerk Suppina, the Carat wall unit from VEB Möbelkombinat Berlin, the coffee dishes set from VEB Feinkeramik Kahla, the play kit »Der Kleine Chemiker« from Friedrich Bachmann & Co. Jena / Thuringia or the electric hand mixer Komet RG 28s from VEB Elektrogerätewerk Suhl.

Doppelseite Inhaltsverzeichnis des DDR-Sammlungsbands

»GDR in Objects 1949-1990. Daily Life, Home, Consumption« is suitable for history and design enthusiasts alike: GDR experts who want to get to know the bygone state from a new perspective, as well as people who want to expand their knowledge will enjoy the latest publication of the DDR Museum. A glossary with special terms and an index of all the product manufacturers mentioned make it easier to get an overview of the complex history.

The other volumes on the topics of leisure, culture and travel as well as work, business and politics will be published in autumn 2020 and spring 2021.

verschiedene rote DDR-Objekte aus Haushalt und Küche

The Facts

  • Title: »GDR in Objects 1949-1990. Daily Life, Home, Consumption «
  • Publisher: DDR Museum: Quirin Graf Adelmann v.A., Gordon Freiherr von Godin
  • Publishing house: DDR Museum Verlag GmbH
  • Authors: Quirin Graf Adelmann v.A., Dr. Stefan Wolle
  • Release date and availability: July 15, 2020 in the shop and online shop of the DDR Museum
  • ISBN number: 978-3-939801-46-7
  • Objects: over 1,200
  • Number of pages: 400 pages
  • Price: 100 euros including VAT
  • Edition: 1st, limited edition of 4,000 pieces
  • Further, upcoming volumes of the series: »GDR in Objects 1949-1990. Leisure, Culture, Travel« (autumn 2020), »GDR in Objects 1949-1990. Work, Economy, Politics« (Spring 2020/21)

Click here for the reading sample.

Insights into our collection

With the series #unboxingDDR, the collection of the DDR Museum regularly presents objects in short explanatory videos on YouTube. Some from the pictorial, such as the chess computer »Chess Master«, the humidifier »Hydromat«, the hand mixer »Komet RG 5« or the radio »Stern Sport« are among them. Here you will find the YouTube channel of the DDR Museum.

All items shown in the pictorial are also available online. Click here to get to the digtal object database of the DDR Museum and simply insert the inventory number which you find above the respective description in the book. Furthermore, there are more than 11,000 objects to discover online.   


DDR-Bildband I des DDR Museum

special object: illuminated advertising KONSUM (around 1985), VEB Neontechnik Halle (Saale)

special object: game console screen game BSS 01 (around 1980), VEB Halbleiterwerk Frankfurt (Oder)

special object: Detergent Fewa (1956), VEB Fettchemie Karl-Marx-Stadt

special object: magazine Sibylle 6/1967 (1967), Verlag für die Frau Leipzig

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