“Sibylle” – the Vogue of the DDR

25 Jan 2017 by Miriam Schaptke
For women in the DDR, the “Sibylle” was an inspiration as well as an illusion at the same time. Artistically sophisticated photos made by recognized photographers such as Roger Melis, Günter Rössler or Sibylle Bergmann used to adorn the pages. Models were wearing chic clothes which were not available on the market, provoking seemingly utopian desires in the readers. The “Sibylle” was delivering the fabric of dreams!
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Fashion in the GDR – Fashion – Do it yourself

3 Jun 2015 by Admin
If you think about fashion in the GDR, do you see colors and nice feminine looks? Or do you see grey, shapeless clothes? No matter what you think, both thoughts are right. In the GDR you could find the one and the other.
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