In front of the lens of Gundula Schulze Eldowy

3 Apr 2014 by Admin
When one of the most important East German photographers, Gundula Schulze Endowy, looks through the lens of her camera, she looks contemporaneous not only in the life of her counterpart, but also seemingly in his soul. She sensitively shows the life in the GDR, how it was, unvarnished and beautiful at the same time, the life and the people in all its facets.
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The painter A. R. Penck

20 Mar 2014 by Admin
A creative artist, who tried to adapt himself to the conceptions and requirements of the GDR regime and who ran there into borders in several respects, is the painter, graphic artist and sculptor A. R. Penck, native Ralf Winkler. Artists without borders: The painter A. R. Penck
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The Photographer Sibylle Bergemann

6 Mar 2014 by Melanie Alperstaedt
Since the establishment of the GDR the state exert influence on the arts and cultural sector. An important photographer, which got to feel this state control several times, was Sibylle Bergemann, who nevertheless succeeded to find her own artistic path in the GDR and to go it beyond all limits.
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Berlin Wall Art

13 Jul 2012 by Admin
The other day, I found an interesting book in our special library at the visitor centre. It attracted my attention because of its colourful cover with the title "Berlin Wall Art".So I browsed through the book a bit and decided to write a blog entry about it.
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Sad News: The photographer Sibylle Bergemann died Tuesday night

3 Nov 2010 by Melanie Alperstaedt
Sibylle Bergemann was born in 1941 and was a well known photographer in the GDR and in the reunified Germany. Her pictures were published in the GDR fashion magazin Sibylle, in the magazin Magazin and were shown in several exhibitions. In 1990 she was one of the co-founders of the famous photographers agency Ostkreuz. Since 1994, she was a member of the renowned Akademie der Künste.
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