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Portable TV “Combi-Vision 310”

22 May 2019 by Maria Bartholomäus
The portable television “Combi-Vision 310” wasn't the first of its kind. After the K67 never made it into large-scale production, the TV “Combi-Vision 310” filled a market gap in the DDR.
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The magazine „FF Dabei“, a popular companion for the TV program

9 Dec 2015 by Jörn Kleinhardt
During its entire existence, the official TV program in the GDR has been quite limited. After a 3 year testing phase the Deutscher Fernsehfunk (DFF) aired permanently on January 3rd in 1956. The era of state-owned TV in the GDR had begun. On the occasion of the 20th birthday of the Republic, the repertoire was extended by one additional channel in 1969. Along with the start of the second channel, the Deutscher Fernsehfunk (DFF 2), the age of color television began as well. Because of the very limited choice of media in the GDR, only one single TV guide was published.
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The West in the boob tube

16 Sep 2015 by Maria Bartholomäus
The collection of the DDR Museum has grown again recently. The object concerned is a self-made converter for the reception of the TV channels ARD and ZDF – programs from West Germany and therefore not officially forbidden for GDR citizens, but nevertheless programs only minimally tolerated by the government.
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