The Berlin Wall Trail (Berliner Mauerweg)

16 Jan 2014 by Admin
Once in a month we present you places, which deal with commemorating and remembering the GDR. These places were yet above all institutions like museums or memorials, which emphasize several themes of the GDR past. This time we want to present you a place of remembrance of a special kind: the Berlin Wall Trail.
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„The Berlin Wall. Division of a City”

8 Oct 2013 by Admin
In his book "The Berlin Wall. Division of a City" Thomas Flemming pays attention to the history of the Wall through Berlin. In eight chapters he describes the life of the people in East and West Berlin with the Wall, he explains from escape operations, protests against the Wall and last but not least from the Fall of the Wall and from the things which were left over of this sign of the SED dictatorship.
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Berlin Wall Art

13 Jul 2012 by Admin
The other day, I found an interesting book in our special library at the visitor centre. It attracted my attention because of its colourful cover with the title "Berlin Wall Art".So I browsed through the book a bit and decided to write a blog entry about it.
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