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Easter bread

Why do we necessarily need an easter basket made of plastic or another material to fill it with easter eggs and other treats?
by Admin (19 Apr 2017)

With this recipe you can bake your own easter basket and even eat it up along with your family



750g flour

40g yeast

1/4 litre milk

250g margarine

70g sugar


70g chopped sweet almonds, among them 4 bitter almonds

grounded lemon zest (organic)

3 eggs



  • Prepare a regular yeast dough out of all ingredients, leave out half an egg
  • Crush the dough after allowing it to rise, then form a round loaf of bread out of two thirds of the dough
  • Prepare long rolls out of the rest of the dough and arrange them on top of the bread in a twisted or braided form
  • Cover the breat with the remaining egg and bake for 50 to 60 minutes at a medium heat


Now you can use the scrumptious easter bread as a basket for eggs or other sweet treats on easter morning.


Tip: You can refine the dough with currants, sultanas or cinammon.


Source: „Geschenke zum Aufessen“ – Verlag für die Frau, Leipzig, 1987


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