When we dreamed – revolution, fall of the wall and reunification time in movies

Movies have a significant impact on our ideas of the past. But how do documentary and feature films portray of the events of 1989/90? What image do the contemporary documentations convey, which were created directly at that time? How was it then fictionalised? Are the perspectives of East and West different? The festival for history films, »moving history«, which takes place in Potsdam from September 25 to 29, presents a broad retrospective on the subject of 1989/90. Christoph Classen, Ilka Brombach and Stefanie M. Frank talk about the very different cinematic processings of events using film examples.


Dr. Ilka Brombach, Head of Festival, Potsdam

Dr. Christoph Classen, Historian, Potsdam

Dr. Stefanie M. Frank, Media Scholar, Berlin


Dr. Stefan Wolle, Head of Research DDR Museum, Berlin

September 21, 2019, 6 pm

Besucherzentrum des DDR Museum
Sankt Wolfgang-Str. 2
10178 Berlin

The entrance is free.

The event will be in German.

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