The long shadow of Stalin

In Berlin today there are three large memorials to Soviet soldiers who died in battle. There is no question that Germany should preserve and maintain these gravesites, especially as this was agreed in the Withdrawal Treaty. And yet dealing with this aesthetic of the victors is difficult. How should Ukrainians feel when they read on the memorial in Schönholzer Heide that the Red Army was »im Geiste der Achtung der Rechte anderer Völker erzogen ist« (eng. educated in the spirit of respect for the rights of other peoples) and have to realize that this quote comes from Stalin, who was responsible for the starvation of millions of Ukrainians? How should we deal with a culture of remembrance that has itself already become part of history? 


In conversation
Dr. Jörg Morré, Director Museum Berlin-Karlshorst, Berlin

Dr. Tatiana Timofeeva, Historian, Frankfurt (Oder)

Andreas Otto, Member Berlin Abgeordnetenhauses für Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Berlin


Dr. Stefan Wolle, Academic Director DDR Museum, Berlin

Miniature of a memorial

5 June 2024, 6 pm

Conference Room DDR Museum
Sankt Wolfgang-Str. 2
10178 Berlin

Here you can see the location.

The event will take place in German.

The event will be recorded and made available on the DDR Museum YouTube channel. Click here to view past events.