Events organized by the DDR Museum

We organize regular events in the DDR Museum visitor centre. Focussing on a range of themes relating to life in East Germany, they include readings, concerts and discussions.

If you are interested in organizing an event in co-operation with the DDR Museum, please approach our Academic Director Dr Stefan Wolle:

Are you looking for an event location?

The DDR Museum provides rooms in the historic centre of Berlin.


Captivated in Mills

Speech by Martin Morgener about prosecution and disciplining of students in the DDR
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Moskow's Banger

Movie and dialogue with Thomas Grimm
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What We Wanted - What We Are: Carlo Jordan

Christian Booß in conversation with Carlo Jordan
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Witnesses of History: Lutz Rackow

Reading from the book: "Spurensicherung. 80 Jahre in deutschen Irrgärten"
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Schäfers Hour: Carmen-Maja Antoni

Alexander G. Schäfer in conversation with the actress Carmen-Maja Antoni
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Luther and the DDR

Conference in cooperation with the Deutschen Gesellschaft e.V.
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Transit into the East

Reading from the novel "Transit Barby oder Schwierige Wege einer Liebe" by Rolf Fricke
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Armed Peace

Opening of the special exhibition and talk by Stephan Hilsberg
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With Nature Parks into the German Unity

The securing of nature heritage in the East of Germany
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