Your objects in our collection

This is a list of objects that we are specifically looking for – but this list is never complete. If you have anything you’d like to donate, please do not hesitate to contact our collection staff directly. It is not possible to hand in donations, e.g. at the cash desk, without prior arrangement. Please also refrain from sending parcels without prior agreement.

Please contact our colleagues in the collection directly by telephone at 030 847 1237 35 or by email to with pictures of the objects. Thank you very much.

Personal items

  • memories from pioneer or holiday camps

  • citizens’ complaints to the state as originals, copies or drafts

  • frocks, T-shirts, photos and sound recorders from the GDR’s heavy metal and punk scene

  • photos and objects from alternative youth subcultures in the GDR (bluesmen, punks, skinheads, peace movement)

  • photographs and slides (e.g. of everyday working life)

  • musical instruments (e.g. flutes, violins, guitars, drums, keyboards etc.)

  • homemade board games

  • skateboard »Germina Speeder«


  • 3-seater sofa with stable side rests and non-removable cushions – should be in good condition

  • designer seating furniture

  • »Formo« building block set »Palace of the Republic«

  • crockery made from melamine resin (plastic)

  • bedside lamps

  • home computers KC 85/2 and 85/4

Printed material

  • film posters

  • price lists

  • signed documents from general secretaries and members of the Central Committee of the SED

  • mail order catalogues from the GDR

  • catalogues from the »Geschenkdienst- und Kleinexporte GmBH« (Genex)

  • magazine »Form und Zweck«

International relations

  • photos and objects from work assignments abroad (e.g. the Druzhba pipeline)

  • mementos from former contract workers in the GDR (Vietnam, Cuba, Angola)

  • memorabilia from NVA missions abroad


  • men’s jackets

  • self-made garments

  • sportswear

  • uniforms from the »Zivilverteidigung«, »Volksmarine«, »Transportpolizei«, »Wismut-Polizei« and the »Dienst für Deutschland«​​​​

Food and luxary products

  • food packaging (especially from the 1950s and 1960s)

  • originally packaged preserves

  • coffee mix (»Erichs Krönung«)

  • »Filinchen« crispy bread​​​​​

Politics and society

  • gifts of honour from political and business-related fields

  • fire brigade siren

  • public institution and company signs

  • factory clocks

  • photos of border installations and guards

  • objects related to school sports

  • objects from the »Solidaritätsbasar«

  • furnishings from public spaces

  • »Poly-Play« slot machine

  • traffic and town entrance signs

  • advertising from the 1950s and 1960s by the »Deutsche Werbe- und Anzeigengesellschaft« (DEWAG)

  • objects and documents from the organisation »Dienst für Deutschland« (1952/53)​​​​​