Administrative reforms and collectivisation of agriculture in the young GDR

23 Jul 2015 by Jörn Kleinhardt
The post-war period was marked by many changes. While the three western occupation zones were moving towards a market economy, in the territory of the Soviet occupation zone, later the GDR, several administrative reforms as well as agricultural collectivisation measures were carried out in the course of establishing socialism.
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Summer Camp in the GDR

22 Jul 2015 by Admin
Holiday time is summer camp time! This slogan was true for many children who grew up in the German Democratic Republic. And, truly, the small republic  established a great number of summer camps. The youth getaways were divided into pioneer's camps („Pionierferienlager“) and company camps („Betriebsferienlager“) and were spread all over the country. In the year 1989 alone there were 49 pioneer's camps within the GDR, as well as hundreds of additional company camps.
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The Ostsee frontier tower in Külungsborn - a place to remember the German Division.

17 Jun 2015 by Admin
A lot of Germans still go to the Ostsee and especially the city Kühlungsborn is very popular. You can see beach chairs and tourists walking at the promenade, which looks very different in comparison with what you could see at the time between 1961 and 1968.
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“I love – I love all – all humans” – Erich Mielke Biography

11 Jun 2015 by Admin
On the 13th November 1989, a few days after the opening of the wall, Erich Mielke gave his first speech at the Volkskammer at the Palast der Republik (Palace of the Republic). His words: “I love – I love all – all people/humans – Well, I love – I still stand up for it” have been often quoted and give deep insight into the mind of the 82 year – old man. How could this man serve for more than three decades as a Minister of State Security and give a significant imprinting to the apparatus?
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Fashion in the GDR – Fashion – Do it yourself

3 Jun 2015 by Admin
If you think about fashion in the GDR, do you see colors and nice feminine looks? Or do you see grey, shapeless clothes? No matter what you think, both thoughts are right. In the GDR you could find the one and the other.
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Happy cooking!

GDR birthday cake for children

27 May 2015 by Janine Henschel
You don’t necessarily have to buy a birthday cake in order that your child is glad. With less effort you can conjure a delicate and colorful cake for the birthday table – and you can let your child assist at the preparation. We tell you how it works: GDR birthday cake for children
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GHDI: German History in Documents and Images

20 May 2015 by Admin
It is difficult to come by original documents and images about the German history, especially for people from foreign countries. Because of this difficulty the German Historical Institute in Washington D.C. initiated an interesting project.
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The Memorial Point Alpha between Geisa/Rasdorf

18 May 2015 by Admin
The Point Alpha Memorial is located along the former inner-German border, between Geisa/Thuring and Rasdorf/Hesse, on a surface of almost 100,000 square meters. It is an interesting historical place where visitors can experience how life was during the time of the wall.
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To Recook

Grilled broiler – GDR Recipe

15 May 2015 by Janine Henschel
Goldbroiler or roast chicken? In the GDR, broiler was widespread and popular. In this GDR recipe, we present the grilled broiler with French fries and mixed vegetables.
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Guided Tour

The Berlin Wall Tour

13 May 2015 by Janine Henschel
Of course: In the museum you can participate in numerous guided tours through the exhibition. But, did you know, that we offer combined tours and thematic city tours, too? During the 2 hour guided tour “The Berlin Wall” you proceed to the traces of the death strip between East and West Berlin from the Bornholmer Straße to the Bernauer Straße.
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„Ostalgia: Romanticizing the GDR“ – an article by Wolfgang Dick

6 May 2015 by Admin
Twenty-five years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall the Deutsche Welle dealt last year in an interesting article with the remembrance of the former GDR.
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GDR history

1 May as a »Day of Combat and Celebration« in the GDR

30 Apr 2015 by Jörn Kleinhardt
Between 1949 and 1989, 1 May was celebrated annually in the GDR with great ceremony as the »International Day of Combat and Celebration of the Working People for Peace and Socialism«. In addition to awarding prizes, the state leadership used the occasion to show itself to be close to the people in public.
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The chicken or the egg...

29 Apr 2015 by Admin
which came first? A well known enigma where the answer still generates contrasting opinions among intellectuals since generations. SONJA PLASTIC, a west Saxonian producer of plastic design objects, does not ask itself this question. Since the beginning of the seventies, chicken and egg boxes belong to the same successful selection of the Wolkensteiner enterprise, set up 90 years ago.
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To Recook

GDR Recipe Pork Roast

24 Apr 2015 by Janine Henschel
The German pork roast gets its individual flavour from special curing and smoking and is said to be named after the master butcher Cassel, who lived in Berlin in the 19th century. This pork roast (Kasselerbraten) was widespread and popular in the GDR.
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For in German history interested people

22 Apr 2015 by Admin
Every now and again I search through the internet for foreign language offers for those who are interested in German history and especially in GDR history. Sometimes I find some, sometimes not. Today I was once again successful. This time I found something interest about German history in general.
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Educational Program

The students quiz of the DDR Museum

15 Apr 2015 by Janine Henschel
Do you actually know our quiz for students? Whether during a group visit as additional task or complementary after a guided tour – the questionnaire is the ideal companion for visiting the exhibition with your students.
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Greetings from India

8 Apr 2015 by Admin
In our category “Guests from all over the world” we want to share with you how international the audience of the DDR Museum is. This time we discovered a greeting from India that we don’t want to deny you.
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Happy coocking!

Capers meatballs

1 Apr 2015 by Janine Henschel
Many people know this dish under the name of Königsberg meatballs, too. This dish of minced meat was not only known and popular in East Prussia, but one could find it also on the plates of the GDR citizens. According to a survey of the Forsa institute the Königsberg meatballs have with 93% the highest profile under the local dishes in Germany!
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“The Trabant" by Eli Rubin

25 Mar 2015 by Admin
Since 1976 the History Workshop Journal is one of the world’s leading historical journals. It is part of the Oxford University Press. On the homepage of the journal you find a lot of interesting articles and essays. Most of them aren’t free and you can only read the abstracts. But, I found an essay which you can read completely for free.
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The “DDR-Restaurant Domklause” closes

20 Mar 2015 by Admin
Some decisions are difficult, above all the necessary ones. Since 2010 we have attended to the idea of a “DDR-Restaurant” and now we have to confess, that the running of a restaurant requires too much capacities. The preservation and the imparting of history are our core tasks as a museum. All other projects have to subordinate themselves to this goal.
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