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Wittstock instead of Woodstock - Blues in the DDR

They call themselves Kunden (“customers”), Trampers (“hitchhikers”), or Bluesers (“bluesmen”), wear long hair and beards, Jesus sandals, jeans and parkas. On the weekends they are always on the move, celebrating their dropping out of society in remote village halls, occupy the carnival festivities in Thuringia’s Wasungen, and pass along bottles of red wine during Eastberlin’s blues fairs. by Sören Marotz (24 Apr 2018)

Woodstock’s Heirs

For Easter, they go on a pilgrimage to Prague, the Black Sea in the summer, Cracow in the fall. Up until the 1980s, the ideals of the hippie-movement, the spirit of Woodstock, and music remain their guiding principle. They love hand-made stuff, the real thing: Folk, Southern Rock, but especially the hot electric Blues. Their musical heroes are Monokel, Engerling, Stefan Diestelmann, Jürgen Kerth, Hansi Biebl, Keimzeit and many more. The volume “Bye Bye Lübben City,” edited by Michael Rauhut and Thomas Kochan gives an account of this.

Amiga-Records Remastered

After the successful music compilation “Bye Bye Lübben City” that goes with the same-titled book, SECHZEHNZEHN Musikproduktion continues the series with a new selection of well-known and forgotten Blues songs (CD for €12,95). Featured are, among others, Renft, Panta Rhei, Omega and Modern Soul Band. In this, SECHZEHNZEHN Musikproduktion has made it their task to show and publish the diversity of Ostrock other than Puhdys and Karat. Sechzehnzehn (“Sixteen Ten”) - that was the price has been etched into the memories of the buyers of Amiga records - whether BERLUC or BAP, BAYON or BEATLES, RENFT or ROLLING STONES, TRANSIT or T-REX, in the music store, Amiga-LPs would always cost 16,10 (DDR-)Marks.


These are the songs released on CD in 2012 (released on LP between 1972 and 1988):

1. Amiga-Blues-Band · Little Red Rooster 5:15

2. Hansi Biebl · Morgen Blues 5:20

3. Renft · Mama 5:15

4. Stefan Diestelmann · Blues von der guten Erziehung 3:58

5. Monokel · Das Monster vom Schilkinsee oder Der Bär, der Frohsinn bringt 6:00

6. Jonathan Blues Band · Die Geschichte vom kleinen Peter und dem Rock’n’Roll 3:52

7. Brot & Salz · Blues vom Abschied 3:50

8. Jürgen Kerth · Blues für Jimi 2:32

9. Engerling · Narkose Blues 5:52

10. Zenit · Der Langschläferblues 2:15

11. Omega · Untreue Freunde (Hütlen barátok) 5:46

12. Vital · Blues von der Flüchtigkeit der Zeit 4 :50

13. Modern Soul Band · Novemberblues 3:15

14. Centrum · Blues für Städte 3:12

15. Panta Rhei · Blues für John Henry 5:25

16. Amiga-Blues-Band · Not Fade Away 3:10


Translated from German by Nadine Walter

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