The DDR Museum unveils the Palace of the Republic

The museum team is actively involved in the constant realignment of content and the renewal of the permanent exhibition. We are looking forward to welcoming visitors to the DDR Museum from 6th October with a newly designed exhibition area on the theme of »Palast der Republik« (eng. Palace of the Republic).

A special highlight is a model of the Palace of the Republic. From the beginning it was more than just a building. On the one hand, it served as the seat of the People's Chamber, as a location for the SED party conferences as well as for other major political events and state acts. On the other hand, it served as a people's palace with its numerous cafés, restaurants and cultural events, which were very appreciated by the population.

The palace was built on a scale of 1:125 (200 cm x 130 cm) and is the largest and most detailed model that currently exists. It is presented on a plinth made from original palace materials. The exhibitions display cases are also filled with numerous objects that deal with the history of the place, debates, controversies, closure and the final demolition. The history of the building also hovers over the heads of visitors: original parts of the guidance system are installed as well as the lighting of the building, which was the reason why sometimes people ironically referred to the palace as »Erichs Lampenladen« (eng. Erich’s Lamp Shop).

Visitors can also expect a new part of the exhibition regarding the theme »Press landscape in the GDR«. Using a media-staged daily newspaper, visitors are given an insight into the politically aligned reporting in the GDR.

With over fifty different magazines, there is an overview of the numerous publications that have been printed.


Simone Uthleb, press officer, on 030 847123747 or