The DDR Museum welcomes its six millionth visitor

Berlin, 12th August 2019 – Since 15th July 2006, the DDR Museum on the bank of the Spree river has been welcoming people from Berlin, Germany and all around the world, inviting them to experience the history of a bygone state. Now in our 14th year of operation, we have reached a new milestone in our own history – our six millionth visitor. 

Paul O’Brien from Gloucester, England is visiting Berlin for the first time together with his wife and two sons, making this pleasant surprise a particularly enjoyable start to his five-day trip. Along with a certificate and a gift basket containing souvenirs of his visit to the museum, O’Brien received lifetime free admission to the DDR Museum. »I am going to display the certificate in my classroom,« said the teacher of ancient art. »I was 14 years old when the Berlin Wall fell. I wanted to finally find out what it was like to live in the DDR and learn more about the history of Germany during its division.«

The DDR Museum provides visitors with a multifaceted look at life in the DDR and is among the most visited museums in Berlin. It has already twice been nominated for the European Museum of the Year Award and distinguishes itself through the interactive design of its exhibition. With over 300,000 artefacts in its possession, the museum has the most important collection of objects from the DDR worldwide.

We look forward to welcoming Paul O’Brien and his family again in future.