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The mural "In Praise of Communism" by Ronald Paris

Ronald Paris painted his epic mural "In Praise of Communism" on the wall of the conference room in the GDR House of Statistics on the Alexanderplatz (East Berlin) in 1969. Despite its theme - the transition to Communism - the SED was not happy with the results of its commission and issued 24 orders for change, which Paris ignored.

Following its vacation by the Federal Office for the Stasi Documents, the decision was taken to demolish the building on the Alexanderplatz together with the mural. The costs of saving the work of art were high - The weak nature of the mural plastering and the narrow corridors of its home-made removing it a very expensive job indeed. Hearing of the proposed demolition, the GDR museum feverishly drew up plans to buy the work of art, paying for its removal and restoration under the leadership of Dorothee Schmidt-Breitung. To quarter it in the museum, a concave wall had to be constructed especially for the task.

Prof. Ronald Paris unveiled his work to the public for the first time on 9 October 2010.

The mural "In Praise of Communism" by Ronald Paris
The mural "In Praise of Communism" by Ronald ParisThe mural "In Praise of Communism" by Ronald Paris