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At home in the museum


Today classed as areas of deprivation, the high-rise tower block housing estates erected on the edge of East German towns began as areas of social privilege. Those lucky enough to move there were granted access to the most modern standards of living available under Socialism. Developed as a solution to the widespread housing shortage, they provided an indoor bathroom, hot water and central heating, features absent from the older flats in traditional town centres. 

You will experience a complete DDR flat, have a look! Rummage through the "Carat" wall unit, rifle through the kitchen drawers and loaf on the sofa. The TV is on and the telephone is on the coffee table. But be aware - someone is listening in…



Flick from one TV channel to the next and choose between East and West German programs and do not forget to pick up the phone!

At home in the museum
At home in the museumAt home in the museum