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Highlights of the permanent exhibition of everyday life in the GDR

Every installation in the DDR Museum offers new discoveries. Countless exhibits hidden in drawers, cupboards and behind doors tells the story of everyday life in the GDR in a lively and interesting way. Curiosity is a must! Take a seat behind the wheel of a Trabi, dance like a Socialist to East German music or feel the texture of the ersatz coffee. Everything is waiting to be touched and felt.

Unique GDR artefacts document the realities of everyday life

Every single object in our exhibition plays an important role in telling the story of everyday life in the GDR. The unique "diary of shortages" documents the impact of the planned economy on ordinary people. Just a few steps further on the visitor enters an authentic reconstruction of an East German apartment with five rooms - touch feel and experience its special atmosphere. Cupboards show vases, tablecloths and toys and provide information about family policy or alcohol consumption in the GDR. Not to be missed is the monumental mural "In praise of Communism". Nine metres long, it is an impressive interpretation of the route to a Communist society.

Hi-tech multimedia installations give a compelling view of history

Supplementing these authentic "witnesses of the past," our visitors can expect the most up-to-date exhibition technology: the fog screen generates a magic smokescreen; and the Multitouch table uses futuristic methods to provide insights into a defunct state and its ruling party. Countless interactive games and installations make a visit into the DDR Museum as fun as it is interesting.

Our exhibition introduces its visitor to all the most important areas of life which fell under the control of the state. In addition to a prison cell, you can also see an interrogation room in which state-of-the-art technology allows you to eavesdrop on an interrogation. Listen to the answers of the prisoner through the bones of your arm.

The interaction of the objects is greater than the sum of its parts

The unique experience provided by the DDR Museum is the result not of the individual objects which it shows or the information which we provide, but the mix of countless unique details, stunning exhibits and the contrast between the playfulness of our approach and the leaden prose of Socialist propaganda. Life in the GDR was complicated: a reality reflected in the complexity of our message.

Highlights of the permanent exhibition of everyday life in the GDR