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The exhibition of the GDR Museum: "Everyday Life in the GDR"

Get an idea of Berlins interactive museum!

Experience lively and interactive history, based on sound scholarship. The permanent exhibition of the DDR Museum in Berlin introduces its visitors to the history of everyday life in the GDR and the realities of life under Socialism. Visitors are invited to extend their knowledge of a range topics, and are encouraged to question existing clichés through engaging directly with historical sources. To this end, we do not hide all of our exhibits behind glass, but encourage our visitors to open cupboards, rummage through drawers and touch, hold and interact with a range of objects.


The Trabi in our exhibition still smells of the GDR. Take your place at the wheel, rev up the engine and rocket off through the simulated world of an East German housing estate. The simulated sights and sounds of the original make for an authentic experience.

There is even more to discover in the DDR Museum: a television in an authentic reproduction of a GDR living room, shows original television programmes. Rummage through the original "Carat" living room cupboard and smell the odour of the spice rack in the reproduction kitchen. We have even placed an original GDR pressure cooker on the stove. Sit in our authentic GDR cinema chairs and watch original cinema newsreels; replay the 1974 soccer game "East Germany vs West Germany" on the football table; or learn to dance the Lipsi.


The exhibition covers 35 topics like Border; Berlin; Traffic; Youth; Education; Work; Consumption; The Stasi or Life at home for example. View and handle thousands of exhibits, watch dozens of GDR films, listen to a wealth of audio recordings, read original documents and interact with our state-of-the-art media installations. All this and more awaits you in our innovative and varied exhibition. Listen to East German music; hear reports of visits from the West; cast your vote at the GDR elections by touch-screen; or deal with the vagaries of the planned economy as the manager of a Trabi factory. 


Large-format propaganda photographs obscure the realities which the East German government sought to hide from its citizens: the privileges of the »more equal« Party elite, opposition movements and the realities of life in prison. Take a seat in a ministerial Volvo or learn about the nascent opposition movement. The reconstruction of a Stasi interrogation allows you to take the place of a suspect, listening to the tape recording of an interrogation by placing your elbows on the desk and your hands on your ears...