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The DDR Museum enlarged its exhibition: Since summer 2016, you can experience a complete DDR apartment!

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Welcome to the DDR Museum

The DDR Museum is Berlin's interactive museum and one of the most-visited attractions in the German capital. History comes dynamically alive as the visitor is given a first-hand introduction to life in the first Socialist state on German soil. See, touch, feel and experience the actual conditions of a long-defunct system. Unique artefacts, futuristic technology and a prize-winning design transform a museum visit into a great journey back in time.

A hands-on experience of history in Berlin's interactive Museum

True to our prize-winning motto, the interactive nature of our exhibition invites visitors to get involved. It’s not just about reading and looking; many of the exhibits require our guests to open doors, pull out drawers, press buttons and pull levers in order to access information, pictures, films and objects. A variety of games and activities round off an experience so unique that we were twice nominated as European Museum of the Year.

Experience the true nature of life in the DDR

Come with us on a journey into Germany’s Socialist past. Eschewing nostalgia, we enable you to immerse yourself in the world of Real Existing Socialism. A wealth of exhibits give a in-depth insight into the realities of everyday life in a long defunct system: Coming of age and going to school; full employment and queuing for food; Stasi surveillance and the Berlin Wall. There’s a living room with the original GDR smell. In the wardrobe a blue FGY shirt hangs next to the “latest” Dederon fashion. Apparent normality – but the room is bugged by the Stasi. View hundreds of original artefacts ranging from an Erika typewriter and Robotron computer to a landmine from the German-German border.

One of the most-visited museums in Berlin

Welcoming over 500,000 visitors every year, the DDR Museum is sought out by German and international tourists alike. Many from the former East Germany bring their children and grandchildren to show them what their life used to be like. The interactive nature of our exhibition and texts with background information provide something for everyone, whether young or old, informed or just curious.

Futuristic museum technology in Berlin

Marx, Engels and Lenin come to life. Listen in to prisoner interrogations, see our projection screen made of thin air and play with the interactive conference table. Cast your vote in the elections to the GDR parliament or construct the New Socialist Man. Work for a day as the manager of the Trabi production works. When you are done, drive home in a Trabi through a simulated housing estate. All of our exhibitions are truly state-of-the-art.

More than just a GDR exhibition

School classes and other groups can choose from our comprehensive range of educational services such as various tours, workshops and a talk from a former resident of the GDR. Those interested can browse through our database of over 200,000 original objects from the former East Germany. The DDR shop sells literature from our in-house publishers, other reference books and a range of souvenirs. Our visitor centre organizes regular events such as book launches, discussions and talks. Our full range of services is rounded off by our online activities: the online exhibition Wendejahre, provided in collaboration with the Google Cultural Institute and our blog, which focuses on recent research into the history of the GDR.

DDR Museum - Berlin's interactive museum

The DDR Museum is an unique and specific museum and one of the most-visited museums in Berlin. The permanent exhibition shows the everyday life in the GDR.