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The DDR Museum is expected to remain closed until 31 March 2023.

Due to the destruction of the Aquadom and the building, technical installations in particular are out of order. We will reopen after the repair and renovation work. Thank you for your loyalty to the Museum of the Year 2022!

Safety Concept


DDR(德意志民主共和国,東德)博物馆是独一无二的,是柏林访问量最大的博物馆之一。我们展示昔日的日常点滴,同时将历史带入生活,互动而科学。日常生活 - 柏林围墙 - 史塔西:一瞥德意志民主共和国的样貌!


The exhibition

The permanent exhibition interactively and vividly tells the story of a bygone state.

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Browse our online database with its thousands of photographs of objects from the GDR.

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