The new "DDR-Guide"

The DDR Museum released the new "DDR-Guide. A Companion to the Permanent Exhibition". For 5,90 € it is the perfect companion for visiting the interactive permanent exhibition of the DDR Museum! It is available in the shop of the DDR Museum and in regular bookstores.

by Melanie Alperstaedt (22 Aug 2017)

On 199 pages, the "DDR-Guide" offers a wide range of information about the life in the DDR. 66 chapters, written by the DDR Museum's experts, are complemented with over twohundred pictures and graphics.

Concise and entertaining yet informative text by the three authors take the readers on a short time travel to a bygone state. Particulary interesting aspects of the DDR-history are illustrated through the 17 central objects presented in the book.

Simultaneously, the "DDR-Guide" can be used as key literature about life in the DDR. So it is one of the few books dealing with "The life in the DDR" in a foreign language on the German market.

You can buy the "DDR-Guide. A Companion to the Permanent Exhibition" for 5,90 € in the shop of the DDR Museum or in regular bookstores.

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