»Stasi – Over and out!«

Game developers Michael Geithner and Martin Thiele-Schwez from Playing History published the new card game »Stasi – Over and out!« in German and English on occasion of the 30th anniversary of the storming of the Stasi headquarters in Berlin. The development of the game was funded and supported by the DDR Museum and the Stasi Documentation Archive.

After the great success of educational games such as »Bürokratopoly«, which was developed in cooperation with the DDR Museum and was awarded by the Federal Center for Political Education, and »Wendepunkte«, Playing History is now publishing a card game that enables players to take historical events into account Immerse yourself 30 years ago: you take on the tasks of the Stasi staff. The aim is to destroy as many documents as possible before they are stopped by the activists of the civil movement.

The game's unusual approach, in which the players take the perspective of the Stasi, creates an easily accessible understanding of both, the relevance of the events and the value of the documents destroyed for processing the history of the Ministry of State Security. The game is not only suitable for students aged 12 and older but also for families and friends. Two to five persons can play the game. 

The game is available for 16.95 euros in the shop of the DDR Museum and online. You find further descriptions of the game here.

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