Extension of Special Exhibition »My Trabi«

The special exhibition »My Trabi - 26 Two-Stroke Stories« tells 26 exciting stories in small showcases about the Trabant 601, the most widely-driven car in the DDR.

The number 26 runs through the history of the Trabant 601. It had 26 horsepower, a 26-liter tank, and it was discontinued in 1990 after 26 years of production . The Trabant - German for »companion«, - actually accompanied the lives of many DDR citizens: first as a dream, then, after a waiting period of up to 16 years, as a new car, unless you bought a used car for a high surcharge. »The car was also a status symbol in socialism and promised a little freedom in a country without freedom. No other car is loaded with as many memories, and it is comparable at most to the VW Beetle in the Federal Republic, « says curator Sören Marotz.

The exhibition will be on display in the foyer of the DDR Museum until November 10, 2019. Admission to the temporary exhibition is free of charge.

Tickets without queuing from € 5,50

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