Object of the Month

Treasures from the Collection

Starting in April, we’ve been presenting special highlights from our collection in the DDR Museum’s foyer. In addition to our permanent exhibition and our special exhibition, each month you can find a new “Object of the Month” that tells an exciting story.

by Nadine Walter (24 Apr 2018)

While the DDR Museum’s exhibition has been expanded multiple times since its opening in 2006 – the last time when the replica of a DDR plattenbau apartment was added in 2016 – not every object that is at the museum’s disposal is shown in the exhibition. The DDR Museum’s collection contains more than 300,000 objects, of which you can already find 7,500 in our online-database. “Object of the Month” supplements the exhibition with more interesting objects and their stories and makes them available for visitors.

As the first Object of the Month we showcased an honor dagger which was donned for festive occasions by officers, generals, and admirals of the NVA (National People’s Army of the German Democratic Republic), border troops, and the Ministry of State Security.

Currently, the Object of the Month showcase is home to a matryoshka that is 35cm (13.75’’) in height. The nesting doll in the shape of a female farmer in traditional clothing was and is a popular souvenir from the Soviet Union in DDR times, or Russia respectively.

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