The »DDR Guide« now available in new languages

The »DDR Guide. A Companion to the Permanent Exhibition« is now also available in French and (modern) Chinese in addition to German and English.

For 5.90 € it is the ideal companion through the interactive permanent exhibition of the DDR Museum and offers many information about life in the DDR. 66 exciting chapters, written by the experts of the DDR Museum, are accompanied by more than 200 photos and graphics.

The 17 leading objects from the exhibition play a special role and perfectly illustrate aspects of DDR history. Concise, entertaining and yet instructive texts by the three authors take the readers on an entertaining journey through time through a bygone state. Thus the »DDR Guide« is both a companion book to the permanent exhibition and basic literature about life in the DDR. The »DDR Guide« appears as one of the few foreign-language books on everyday life in the DDR.

The books are available in the shop of the DDR Museum, in regular bookstores as well as online. The »DDR Guide« is also available as an ebook in German, English, Italian, Spanish, French and (modern) Chinese in the online shop of the DDR Museum.

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