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New Release

The DDR Guide. A Companion to the Permanent Exhibition

On 199 pages, the »DDR-Guide« offers a wide range off information about the life in the DDR. 66 chapters, written by the DDR Museum's experts, are complemented with over twohundred pictures and graphics. Particulary interesting aspects of the DDR-history are illustrated through the 17 central objects presented in the book.

5,90 €

Playing the DDR way

Nachgemacht - Spielekopien aus der DDR

The authors have collated 125 board games devised by resourceful East Germans, who were unable to buy new games. Now available for the first time in a single book.

14,95 €

The bestseller

The GDR-Game

162 questions and answers about life in the DDR – an ironic, fun and informative way to learn about everyday life in the DDR: “original, fun and surprising” was the judgement from the jury for Game of The Year.

4,90 €

Everything about the Berlin Wall

The Wall-Quiz

Hardly anyone can imagine a border through the heart of Berlin, dividing family, friends and colleagues. This set of tricky questions seeks to remind us of life in the divided city.

4,90 €

For beginners

The DDR compact

The introduction to the DDR for all interested beginners. A detailed map, a chronology and a guide to further reading makes this a must for all those wanting to find out about life in East Germany. The book in available in German.

8,90 €

For connoisseurs

Behind the facade of a dictatorship

Stefan Wolle tells the history of the DDR as the collective biography of its citizens. Writing with academic poise, literary flair and a wealth of first-hand experience, he provides a technicolour account of the history of the first Socialist Germany. Eschewing condemnation, he achieves a balanced view of the reality of life in its full inconsistency. The book is available in German.

14,90 €

Prize-winning game


Bürokratopoly is a fun game with a serious point. Invented by Martin Böttger in the 1980s, it soon became a hit in the political underground. Available in a prize-winning new edition, it has taken on an entirely new character whilst retaining its original authenticity.

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