Illustrated book »GDR Daily Life in 200 Objects«

Berlin, 1 March 2023 – With the illustrated book »GDR Daily Life in 200 Objects«, the DDR Museum Verlag provides an exciting and educational insight into the history of the GDR.

Objects of everyday life and consumption had a high value in GDR society – they were used for a long time and frequently repaired. In contrast to today’s »throw-away society«, the GDR could be called a »society of keepers«. In part, the material heritage of the SED state enjoys an almost cult-like veneration today.

The objects presented here reveal a cross-section of 40 years of everyday life in the GDR. There is a story behind each of these everyday objects. The sometimes inconspicuous exhibits – from the K 109 coffee machine to the refrigerator to the mantlepiece clock – provide an insight into the everyday life of the people of the vanished state. In this book, we bring the past into the present. The detailed photographs by Thorsten Heideck and Adrian Serini and the texts by historian and GDR expert Dr Stefan Wolle offer a broad spectrum of life in the GDR.

The book will be released on 1 April 2023!

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