Events organised by the DDR Museum

We organise regular events in the DDR Museum's conference room. Focusing on a range of themes relating to life in East Germany, they include readings, concerts and panel discussions.

If you are interested in organising an event in cooperation with the DDR Museum, please contact our head of research Dr. Stefan Wolle:

Are you looking for an event location?

The DDR Museum provides rooms in the historic centre of Berlin.


Clio – Hoe or muse?

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CIA agent during the Cold War

+++ EVENT POSTPONED TO AUTUMN +++ Presentation of the book »Die Spionin« (The Spy) by Stefan Appelius
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The long shadows of the communism

+++ EVENT POSTPONED TO AUTUMN +++ Travel pictures from the former Eastern bloc
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In the country of Ampelmännchen

+++ EVENT POSTPONED TO AUTUMN +++ Presentation of the book »Safety as a promise« by Franziska Kuschel
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Blue pennant in the summer wind

+++ EVENT POSTPONED TO AUTUMN +++ Book presentation and discussion about the Pioneers summer camps in Brandenburg
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