Picture lecture »Gulf Stream to the East«

When 10,000 units of the VW Golf I were officially sold in the GDR at the end of the 1970s, everyone wanted to buy one. Some of the coveted cars were distributed via institutions and companies and only a few were sold via a Wartburg registration. However, small numbers of Beetles and Bulli cars also made their way to the East. The various models were considered dream cars in the workers‘ and farmers’ state. It was not until the pre-reunification period that modern four-stroke engines replaced the two-stroke engines of the Trabant and Wartburg. Eberhard Kittler, a specialist on both the GDR and VW, has researched the history of the western cars in the East using numerous documents that have only just been discovered and illustrated them with exclusive, mostly unpublished pictures.

Eberhard Kittler, Journalist and Non-Fiction Author, Braunschweig


Eberhard Kittler Dream Car Volkswagen

21 August 2024, 6 pm

Conference Room DDR Museum
Sankt Wolfgang-Str. 2
10178 Berlin

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The event will take place in German.

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