In the country of Ampelmännchen

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The People's Police (Volkspolizei) was constantly present in the streets of the DDR. If they caught someone commiting a traffic offence, they would put on a severe face and ask: »Now, what did we do wrong?« To show repentance was the only solution left. The whole traffic safety system of the DDR was just as pedagogical as the »white mice« (colloquial name for the People's Police by motorcycle). It included a full traffic education. The DDR did everything in its power to reduce the number of traffic accidents. Our colleague from the Institute of contemporary history of Munich/Berlin, Franziska Kuschel, presents a study on traffic regulation and prevention of accidents in the DDR.

Presentation with a following discussion

Dr. Franziska Kuschel, Historian, Berlin

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DDR Museum Conference Room
Sankt Wolfgang-Straße 2
10178 Berlin

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Entry to this event is free
Please note that it will be taking place in German.