Blue pennant in the summer wind

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The pine forests covered with lakes around Berlin were an holiday destination for many young members of the Free German Youth (FDJ) every summer. During the summer camps, everybody had a lot of fun, did sport and played, so that now many people think back fondly about these song nights around the campfire or the Neptune's feast with a crossing-the-line ceremony. The blue banner of the FDJ on the roll call ground was blowing in the summer wind.
The take over of the holidays was undoubtedly a part of the education to develop the socialist personality. The historian Marcel Piethe has gathered documents and memories that give a comprehensive picture of the summer camps in the DDR, using the example of Brandenburg.


Marcel Piethe, Historian, Berlin

Manuel Lindinger, Publisher, Berlin

Eberhard Aurich, Former leader of the Free German Youth (FDJ), Berlin


Dr. Stefan Wolle, Head of research DDR Museum, Berlin

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DDR Museum Conference Room
Sankt Wolfgang-Straße 2
10178 Berlin

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Entry to this event is free
Please note that it will be taking place in German.