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GDR Recipes to recook


Dear visitors,
on the area of the GDR restaurant "Domklause" a new exhibition part is waiting for you since 2016 - a completely furnished WBS 70 flat. In the kitchen we have installed a recipe printer for visitors* with the most famous GDR recipes. On our blog we also regularly present culinary delights from the GDR. We have compiled a small selection here. Have fun recooking and enjoy your meal!


GDR Recipe: Roast pork with sauerkraut

The Kasseler/Kassler gets its individual flavour from special pickling and smoking. It is said that the name was given after the master butcher Cassel, who lived in Berlin in the 19th century. Kasselerbraten was often served with potatoes and sauerkraut.


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GDR Recipe: Hunter's schnitzel with tomato sauce

The hunter's schnitzel (Jägerschnitzel) is one of the best-known GDR dishes and was mainly served in numerous restaurants as well as in the KITA and school canteens. It consists of breaded hunting sausage and was eaten with tomato sauce and noodles. 


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GDR Recipe: Broiler with french fries

Fried chicken or golden broiler? The difference was the size and meat content. The broiler has more of both than the normal chicken. After Bulgaria switched to industrial poultry production in the 1970s, the GDR followed this example shortly afterwards. The broiler was a typical GDR dish for the whole family.

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A journey to the everyday life of the DDR.

The DDR Museum invites you to a journey to the everyday life of the DDR. Thanks to our unique digital simulator you can drive a typical DDR car, try dancing Lipsi and get to know the political structures of the former socialist state.

Visit our exhibition at DDR Museum in the heart of Berlin.

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