Behind the scenes

And Action – Camera rolling! Film shooting at the museum depot

29 Jul 2015 by Maria Bartholomäus
How revealing was the German Democratic Republic? Were East-Germans more advanced in arithmetics than people living in Western Germany? Even after a visit to a museum the one or other question might be left unanswered and current political developments and events might provoke interesting discussions as well.
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The wall unit “Carat” in the DDR Museum

2 Jan 2014 by Dr. Stefan Wolle
When archeologists in a thousand years will find remains of a wall unit they can assign the find immediately. Maybe they will refer to the wall unit culture, how we refer to the Funnel Beaker Culture or the Corded Ware, of which we don’t know more than the earthenware.
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The GDR Trilogy by Stefan Wolle is Now Completed!

2 Oct 2013 by Dr. Stefan Wolle
Even the first test was successful. My "Big Plan" is sold in the station bookstore on Alexanderplatz. Brightly colored and sealed properly. It is the third book of a GDR trilogy, which you can buy individually or as a set. Since 20years, the writing of these books has kept me in suspense.
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